/ˈnjukliəs / (say 'nyoohkleeuhs)

noun (plural nuclei /ˈnjukliaɪ/ (say 'nyoohkleeuy) or nucleuses)
1. a central part or thing about which other parts or things are grouped.
2. anything constituting a central part, foundation, or beginning: *There was a sufficient nucleus of population for the Administration to set up a police post. –olaf ruhen, 1958.
3. Biology a differentiated mass (usually rounded) of protoplasm, encased in a delicate membrane, present in the interior of nearly all living cells and forming an essential element in their growth metabolism and reproduction.
4. Anatomy a mass of grey matter in the brain and spinal cord in which incoming nerve fibres form connections with outgoing fibres.
5. Chemistry a fundamental arrangement of atoms, as the benzene ring, which may occur in many compounds by substitution of atoms without a change in structure.
6. Physics the central core of an atom, composed of protons and neutrons. It has a net positive charge equal to the combined charge of the protons.
7. Astronomy the more condensed portion of the head of a comet.
8. Meteorology a particle upon which condensation of water vapour occurs to form water drops.
9. Phonetics the central, vocalic constituent of a syllable, often a vowel, as the o sound in dog.
{Latin: nut, kernel, fruit stone}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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